About Us

In our modern hectic and busy world, more and more men and women are turning to escorts to fulfill their need for loving human contact. Many people no longer seem to have time for the normal process of human interaction, they want guaranteed satisfaction, without commitment and the uncertainty of old-fashioned courtship rituals.

When it comes to selecting a companion, we all have very specific needs, wants and preferences. Whether it be physical characteristics, such as body type, height, weight, hair color, or personality traits such as friendliness, warmth, or an experimental attitude, we at Escort Introductions, understand the importance of finding that perfect match between client and companion.

It is with that in mind that we set out to create the optimum environment for both companion, and those who seek their services, to connect. Our talented team is dedicated to bringing you the very latest, current, and up-to-date escort and entertainer listings from around the world, and your local city!

We’re extremely proud of Escort Introductions, and hope you benefit greatly from what we’ve been able to accomplish!

If we may, we’d also like to take this opportunity to express how strongly we feel about giving back to the escort community. Many of our competitors view escorts as a commodity to profit from, but our feelings on the matter are vastly different. We genuinely care for the ladies of the community (consulting with them regularly) to insure that industry issues are addressed, help and guidance is given, and that business can be conducted with their best interests in mind.

We’ve made, and continue to make investments back into the community spurring on industry wide innovations that all escorts (and their clients) now benefit from. A vibrant industry is created by giving back. We feel strongly about that, and will continue working for the advancement of the industry, and all the men and ladies working within it.